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El Gusto is the story of a group of Jewish and Muslim musicians who were separated by history over 50 years ago and today have been reunited to share once again their common passion: Chaabi music.
It is a story of how hope and enduring friendships can transcend all differences, though they were separated for so long these inspiring, warm and talented gentlemen are role models for any generation, proving it’s never too late to overcome your obstacles and follow your dreams.

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Genre: Feature length Documentary
Format: DCP
Duration: 90 minutes
Budget: € 2,419,437
Production Company: Quidam Productions – El Gusto (IRELAND)
In co-production with: Eikosi Productions (ALGERIA)
In association with: The Irish Film Board, National Business Television Algeria, Babylon Productions

In Partnership with: Region PACA, The City of Paris, French Cultural Center of Algiers

Written and Directed by: Safinez Bousbia
Produced by: Safinez Bousbia and Heidi Egger
Editors: Françoise Bonnot A.C.E. . and Julien Villacampa
Original Language: French – Arabic
Filmed in: 2006-2008
Post Production: 2010-2011
Released: 11th of January 2012

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