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Abdelkader CHERCHAM / Mandole

Dubbed ‘The Academic” by his fellow orchestra members in reference to his previous position as a professor at the Municipal Conservatory of Chaabi Music in Algiers. Abdelkader embodies the continuing strength and success of both this school and the Chaabi movement.

An author, songwriter and mandolin player, Abdelkader Chercham was born in the Casbah of Algiers in 1946.

At the age of 10 he discovered a real passion for music. After learning to play the flute and the guitar, he ultimately settled on singing as his main focus; bringing life to many parties and weddings from an early age.

In 1966, encouraged by his father, he enrolled at the Municipal Conservatory of Algiers and became a pupil of El Anka Hadj M'Hamed.

Abdelkader was a brilliant student who collected many medals and awards. He was even asked to take the place of his master during a short absence. In 1970, he graduated with the highest honours.
In 1972 he received tenure and taught at the conservatory. Abdelkader went on to become a specialist in "Djed"; he then went on to collaborate with the poet Hajj Braîhiti. With a lot of hard work their music became songs of hope for Chaabi in the 1970s.

Continuing to work in music, Adbdlkader has played and sung on may radio recordings, television shows, galas and festivals across the country.

In 2005, he left the Conservatory of Algiers to join the El Gusto Orchestra.

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