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Luc CHERKI / Guitar

The horrors of history have not stolen the joy of music from the singer and musician Luc Cherki.

Born in 1933 in Algiers, he followed his family to France in 1940, in the hopes of a finding a better world..

But following the death of his father and the disturbing occupation in France, his mother had no choice but to return to Algeria with her children.

It was then that he discovered and became fascinated by Chaabi music, this oriental music sung by the people of Algiers. At the age of 10 Luc began studying at the Conservatory in Algiers; there he learned to sing, play the violin and the guitar. He was one of several students who studied under the master of Chaabi El Hadj Mohamed El Anka. At 18 years old, he was hired by the radio to sing once a month in Arabic for 55 minutes. Luc Cherki then started to perform at galas throughout Algeria and Morocco.

In 1955, he had to leave Algiers and moved to Paris where he was soon living off of his art. It was during this period when he met Eddie Barclay who recorded his famous album ‘The Jewish Wedding’ which sold over 50,000 copies.
With this success, Luc Cherki had a string of concerts, often accompanied by the great pianist Maurice El Medioni, who also went on to join the El Gusto adventure with Luc.

In 1981, Luc decided to retire and bid farewell to the public with one final and triumphant performance on the stage of the Olympia in Paris.

However, after a 14 year absence he decided to return to the music scene.

Contacted by Safinez Bousbia he then joined the El Gusto orchestra having already recorded 8 of his own albums and 21 tours.

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