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Mohamed FERKIOUI / accordian

Mohamed Ferkioui is the starting point of the El Gusto adventure.
It was Ferkioui who welcomed Safinez Bousbia into his glazier shop and told her of his fond memories of his musician friends and his time as a singer and a conductor of Chaabi music.

Ferkioui was born on the 28th of August 1940 in the Casbah of Algiers. In1948, he began his musical training at the Municipal Conservatory of Music in Algiers. During this training, he received several awards, including first prize in his class in 1956.

Radio then came knocking on his door, and in 1957 he was hired for a period of three years as a pianist. In 1961 he returned to the Conservatory once more, this time as a teacher.

During the Algerian war of Independence, Mohamed Ferkioui created his own orchestra and never turned down an opportunity to perform whether it was on Radio, Television or even Weddings and Circumcisions.
In 1975, he received a new prize, for singing at the famous in Souk Ahras festival (a city in eastern Algeria).

And then in 2005 he met Safinez Bousbia and went on to take part in the El Gusto documentary and form the El Gusto orchestra.

On all of the stages throughout the world that El Gusto have performed on, Mohamed Ferkioui has become the mascot of the group, dancing around the stage with his accordion to the ululations of joy from the audience – a particular highlight at any El Gusto concert.

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